Suicide, Evangelicalism, and Sorrow

this is powerful! thank you for writing this! The Pastor's Pen Joel Hunter, pastor of Northland Church, and Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, both had sons take their own lives. I know of five other wonderful Christian families that also had sons who took their own lives. Some researchers are reporting that the suicide […]

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You are what you think

We are what we think we are. This may sound simple enough, and it is a lot harder than you think. All your life you have been programming your mind with how you see yourself and the world around you. A lot of what you are writing in your brain is based on what other […]

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if you never heard your father say, ” I bless you” or “I love you”. I want to stand in that place and bless you. please go to our website to recive a blessing because you are worhty. Papa Ray

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Life by Design

The swaying of the trees is not of a gentle breeze. Rather that of a whirlwind that has twisted your life. Paths that you once knew are foreign and harsh. People you esteemed now their cold backs you feel. Comfort you once embraced is like twisted barbwire. Striving in vain as the light of the […]

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I am sorry for being Racist

I am sorry for being Racist I want to take a stand against hate and racism. I want to take a stand against division and strife. Racism has many forms and faces; it is not just white against black, or black against white. It is also against different religious ideals. However there is only one […]

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