We will become what we think

Did you know that you can have as many as 48 thoughts a minute, and that could easily be more than 70,000 thoughts a day! The million-dollar question is what are you thinking about?

We all need to hear more positive and uplifting words spoken into our life. We need to guard our eyes and ears as to what we see and hear. What you hear said to you or about you will have a significant impact on your thoughts and feelings.

In the end, their words will become who we are.

Our thoughts will become our feelings, and our feelings will become our actions, and actions will become results. In the end, their words will become who we are. If you are not getting the results you want in life, you need to change how and what you think about.

Some of the most important thoughts you will have are how you look at yourself or how you think about yourself. At first, this may sound a little selfish or ungodly, so let’s take a deeper look at this. Here are a few questions we need to look at first.

How can you be what God created you to be if you think you are nothing?

If you are not willing to consider yourself the way God sees you, one of you is lying.

If we have been created to have dominion over the planet and care for it, how can we come up with the idea that we are worthless and useless?

Must damaging thoughts

The first people that influence how we see ourselves would be our fathers as well as our mothers. Now the next question you need to ask yourself is this; how much does this affect your thought process and your decision making today?

Do you remember something that your father said or did or did not do that shapes how you think about yourself today? Remember it does not matter how small or insufficient you think it was, if it still hurts when you think about it, then it has power over you.

How you feel when you think about what your father said or did has no age limit. You can still be affected by what they said to you no matter how old you are.

An excerpt is taken from my book “A Fathers Blessing to a daughter.”  

(we are writing the same for the son)

Papa Ray


If you have never heard a father’s blessing, I want to bless you, A Fathers Blessing

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