A love deficit


The greatest tragedy in the world is not the wars or the famines; it is the lack of a father’s love for his children. I believe that if the fathers would do their part and love the children, there would be much less trouble in the world today.

The statistics are staggering of what happens when a father is not present in a child’s life. The rate of drug use and criminal activates, school dropouts increases greatly when a father is not involved in a child’s life.

We are all designed to give and receive love.  When do we not get the love that we should have gotten as a child? We have a love deficit, and a love deficit does not just go away on its own.

A love deficit can stay with someone their whole life, and the worst part is the person may not even be aware of what is happening. Many times they will blame others for how they feel and say that they would not be like that if others would treat them better.

  • Do you have a love deficit?
  • Do you feel the sting of rejection?
  • Do you think life would be better if others would change how they treat you?

Follow my blog as I unpack how you can change your life, and feel worthy.

Papa Ray Hurst

If you have never heard a father’s blessing, I want to bless you, A Fathers Blessing

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