A poem named “Rush” 9/11/2001

I wrote this poem 9/11/2001 the Day the U.S.A. was awakened.



The Mad rush must go on

We stop to wipe a tear

Don’t stop too long to care  

All may be gone if you cry


Letting go of what we have

Reaching for what we cannot get

To lose all we have gained

This must be in vain


I cannot see what I have

For I only see what I want

What is here today

Will be gone tomorrow


We fight a ruthless battle to the top

Standing tall and proud

With our battle scars and wounds

The victims left behind, are the ones we love


Soon, when you are gone

The mad rush must go on

They will wipe a tear

Don’t stop too long


This Poem Was Written for Those Left Behind, the Day the U.S.A. Was Awakened. Here Is the Meaning of this Poem:


    As We Run Around in a Mad Rush to Fulfill Our Own Desires, We Lose Track of the Most Precious Part of Life. Our Loved Ones. We Know That Life Is a Long Journey, That Ends So Suddenly. Did We Take Time to Share Our Love Today ? Or Did We Run off in a Mad Rush Again?   


By   C. Ray Hurst           Sept 11/ 2001           

If you have never heard a father’s blessing, I want to bless you, A Fathers Blessing

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