The Orphan Heart

The Orphan Heart


This is a chapter from a manual I wrote on the Orphans Heart and the Fathers Blessing.

There are so many people that have an orphan heart that live in the homes of some very well meaning parents. Just because the child has a good home does not mean that they feel the love from their parents.

When we refer to an orphan’s heart, we are referring to people of all ages and back-grounds that have closed their heart to love. These are people that have not felt the love from their fathers, as well as their mothers

When a child does not feel loved by their parents, they will become what we call spiritual orphans. All the enemy has to do is keep the children feeling angry or rejected by the father or mother, or keep the father or mother angry or disappointed with the child, to keep them from giving or receiving love.

When the child truly believes they are not loved, and rejected from their earthly father, then they will struggle greatly with love from God their Heavenly Father as well. It be-comes very difficult for the child or the father to lay down their pride and ask for forgiveness.

Pride and offense are some of the biggest keys that the enemy uses to keep people from walking in God’s truth and freedom. Because of pride, so many people will go to their grave with sadness and bitterness in their heart. Sadly, they will never know the joy of walking in freedom or have joy in their heart.

As you can see, Satan became the first orphan when he was cast out of Heaven, because he was cast away from the Father and now his desire is to have everyone become an orphan as well. He knows that if he can keep people from knowing the true love of Father God they will not be free.

Next to knowing if you are called to be a spiritual parent, this is by far the most important part of this manual. If you don’t understand the orphan’s heart, then you will only be throwing out empty words.

Empty words will only wound the orphan’s heart even more because they have a life-time of hearing them and they hate them. These empty words cut like a knife into their hearts and leave them more wounded than if you would not have said anything.

Stop and reflect

No doubt you have seen, and even know, many people that have an orphan’s heart. You can see how they stay stuck in their bondage by staying offended because they did not feel loved.

And so many times they are too proud to be the first one to say ‘I am sorry.’ They do not want to humble themselves for the greater good, especially if they think they were not wrong.  It is easy to see from the outside how they stay stuck in Satan’s trap of offense.

Too many times if they try to make things right, they don’t mean it; they are only trying to make the other person feel guilty.


Let me ask you….

  • Have you seen how the sting of rejection keeps people in bondage?


  • Have you seen the bitterness well up in the heart of people and steal their joy?


  • Have you felt this bitterness working in your life to bring you down?


  • Have you heard these empty words tearing at your soul?


  • Have you been able to forgive and move on?


  • Have you spoken these words that cut so deep to someone else?


  • Have the words you said caused bitterness in someone else’s life?


  • Have you been able to go back to the people you hurt and ask them to forgive you?


  • Ask the Holy Spirit who that you need to go back to and ask forgiveness.


My pray is that this will help you to see what you could not see before.


Papa Ray

If you have never heard a father’s blessing, I want to bless you, A Fathers Blessing

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