The things that I ponder.

To see what is not is to deceive one to think of having what they can not. To desire what is not is to fool even the wisest man.

To be consumed with one’s self, nothing is to be gained. Nor can one ever go beyond the place his mind can see. For to the center of one’s self is a very short distance.

To seek out the wisdom of self is to learn but very little. Wisdom is not found where you have looked before; it is to go beyond where one has been.  What you have known is all you have to give. To give only what you have, it is but a very small thing.

To do as others do, nothing will be gained they do not have. For all they have is all they can give. To have what others can not is to go where they dare not.

To desire more is to risk it all. To do what others would not dare, you can have it all.

Papa Ray Hurst 12-21-04


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