What I know that I did not memorize

via Daily Prompt: Memorize

I have never been good at memorizing things in the extract way that someone else said it or wrote it. I remember thinking that there was something very wrong with me because other people could do it so easily.

Now that I am 55 years old I do not worry about trying to memorize anything in the exact way it was written. That is unless it is a legal document, and then who wants to memorize a legal document, all you have to do it take it with you.

I have come to realize a long time ago that knowing something word for word does not help you to understand the true meaning of the content.

I am starting to wonder if memorizing something word for word does not take away the ability to understand the deep meaning that it was communicating in the first place.
When you apply the energy to know which word follows the next word and trying to understand the proper punctuations, you are not applying as much energy to understand the depth of what the article meant.

Now I do not worry about getting every word right, I focus on the meaning of the passage or story. Knowing every word and not being able to walk in the meaning is not wisdom it is intellectual blindness.

I rather understand the meaning of the words than being able to recite the words and not able to live the meaning.

Papa Ray Hurst



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