A powerful intercession prayer.

A powerful intercession prayer.

I want to teach you a very effective and powerful intercession prayer.

We are a body, soul, and spirit, in our soul is our mind, will, and emotions. We speak words, and we hear words and see things with our mind.

I want to help you understand that we speak and hear and see things just the same with our spirit.

To be able to see, hear, and speak with our spirit, we have to make the mind and will take a back seat so the spirit can rise up.

Our mind will stop the flow of the spirit because we desire to do what the flesh wants. So if we want the spirit to come alive, we must tell our mind and will to step back and call our spirit to come to life.

Here is a very powerful way to pray for other people, you can use this if they are doing something against you or they are doing bad things that you know about.

This method is very, very powerful. I have seen this work so many times. Please understand this takes a commitment to keep praying over and over; this is not a once and done prayer.

You are at war in the spirit world, and the evil forces will not want to give up so easily. You will have to keep pressing in over and over!


Here is what you do.

First, sit in a quiet place and invite the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and clear vision. Ask the Holy Spirit to be with you and help you understand the best way to pray for the person you are praying for.

The second thing you will do is tell your spirit to go to the other person. When you see them in the spirit you will want to be kind and gentle. Now when you see them look around them and pick up any trash, you see laying around them.


When you pick up the trash or garbage, take it to the cross and drop it at the cross. Go back again and see if there is more there. When you see more trash, pick it up and take it to the cross and drop it at the cross again.

You want to do this every day for 1 or 2 weeks; this has very powerful effects.

If you see any demons hanging around all you have to do is say,” I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, I command that you no longer have authority here.” I command you leave now in Jesus name!

Remember to do this on a daily basis for 1-2 weeks.

We have seen this work very effectively in helping people change their minds that were angry and bitter toward the person that did this prayer, and they had a change of heart.

This is a very powerful prayer to pray for people that are walking in sin and on the path of destruction.

Thank you for being a part of God’s Kingdom that is destroying the works of the enemy!


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