Life by Design

The swaying of the trees is not of a gentle breeze. Rather that of a whirlwind that has twisted your life. Paths that you once knew are foreign and harsh. People you esteemed now their cold backs you feel. Comfort you once embraced is like twisted barbwire. Striving in vain as the light of the […]

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Without love

  I am ripped by love and hate To where can I turn This turmoil is Satan’s bait The anger inside me does burn   Is all my effort in vain Can one understand what I share What did I really gain Is there really one who can care   Will there be a better […]

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The things that I ponder.

To see what is not is to deceive one to think of having what they can not. To desire what is not is to fool even the wisest man. To be consumed with one’s self, nothing is to be gained. Nor can one ever go beyond the place his mind can see. For to the […]

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