open arms

It can be hard to allow someone to step back into your life that refused to hear what you shared in the past. It makes it even harder when they condemn and blame you for what was happening in their life when you know what they needed to do.

As a father, no matter how much someone hurts you or comes against you, it is hard to say that you will never be willing to help them again.

And at the same time, it does not seem wise to allow someone to walk back in if they are not willing to take responsibility for what they know they did.

It would seem like nothing has changed if they are not willing to say what they did wrong in the past because if they are not ready to say what they did, nothing much will change in the future.

It is not possible to care deeply about someone and not want to help them get better. There is a concern that they are not willing to do what you will tell them to do.

The hardest thing I have ever done is to close the door on people that I care about because the relationship is no longer healthy.

At some point, you have to protect yourself in your mind and spirit by disconnecting from some people you genuinely will always deeply care about.

And when you do, a piece of your heart will die with that decision. I have to confess there is always a part of me wants to restore what was lost and help them back up on their feet.

When you see the true potential of greatness, it is hard to walk away and wash your hands and break all emotional and spiritual ties. Even after you break all it off, there is a part of you that still hopes for the best.

Maybe someday, maybe someway there will be a chance to open my arms to what now seems like a tragic loss.

My heart truly breaks for the loss of potential that I know I saw.

Papa Ray Hurst